WORKSHOP: International Collaboration & Networking between the disability sector in Ireland & the developing world - Opportunities & Challenges

June 10 2008, 05:02pm


Opportunities & Challenges

Tuesday 10th June 2008, 2:30pm - 5:00pm
Irish Aid Information & Volunteering Centre, 27-31 Upper O'Connell St, Dublin

Disability & International Development WeekThe UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognises the importance of international cooperation and its role in improving the living conditions of persons with disabilities in every country, particularly in developing countries. Measures outlined in article 32 of the Convention include:

  • Facilitating and supporting capacity-building, through the exchange and sharing of information, experiences, training programmes and best practices;
  • Facilitating cooperation in research and access to scientific and technical knowledge;
  • Providing, as appropriate, technical and economic assistance, including by facilitating access to and sharing of accessible and assistive technologies, and through the transfer of technologies.

In Ireland there is recognition of the important role that civil society can play in international collaboration. For example each intervention under the Irish Aid Civil Society Fund should contribute to the strengthening of the voice of civil society organisations and communities in developing countries and to linking these organisations and communities to constituencies in Ireland.

It is acknowledged that there is a wealth of experience and expertise within the Irish disability sector and a genuine desire to share this with others. Likewise organisations in the developing world are keen to foster partnerships for mutual learning and understanding towards a common goal.

The workshop will be of particular relevance to disability organisations working in both the domestic and international disability sectors and for organisations who are keen to bring an international dimension to their work.

This workshop aims to:

  • Present developments and opportunities that exist for an action orientated approach to collaboration and cooperation between the disability sectors in Ireland and the developing world.
  • Demonstrate how collaboration and cooperation can happen in practice in a cost effective and appropriate manner.
  • Stimulate discussion on future practical steps that can be taken in furtherance of International Cooperation for the enhancement of opportunities for people with disabilities.

This event is one of many to take place during Disability and International Development Week, from 5th - 11th June 2008. The workshop is being facilitated by Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI), Spinal Injuries Ireland (SII) and John Grooms.

Workshop Agenda

2:30pm Welcome
2:35pm UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities - an Overview
2:45pm UN Convention Article 32 - International Collaboration - Opportunities and challenges
2:55pm National Collaboration
3:10pm International Collaboration
3:25pm Refreshments
3:45pm Working Session
4:30pm Feedback and Conclusion
5:00pm Close

Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI)

DFI is the national support organisation and advocate for voluntary disability organisations in Ireland which provide services to people with disabilities and disabling conditions. DFI represents and supports over 150 voluntary disability organisations and groups around Ireland with an interest in issues and services relating to disability. DFI represents the voluntary disability sector through its participation in the Social Partnership process and its membership of bodies such as the National Economic and Social Forum.

Spinal Injuries Ireland (SII)

SII was founded in 1993 to provide support and outreach services to people with spinal cord injury. SII acts as a voice for people with SCI in advocating for appropriate and timely services which allow each person to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives. Services include a drop-in Resource Centre; Support Office; Venture/social programme; family counselling service; information fact sheets; Cyber Café; Outreach service; Family regional support groups; Quarterly magazine and website.

John Grooms

John Grooms works with a range of national, regional and international partners to support the development of comprehensive rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in the developing world. John Grooms aim is to address the dearth of good quality and appropriate comprehensive rehabilitation services in the developing world through supporting the development of appropriate model rehabilitation facilities, strengthening regional and inter-regional networking and exchange and through international collaboration and advocacy.

Places are limited to 60 participants. To register for the workshop please contact:

Anthony Carrick: Tel: 01 7080105 Email:
Colm Whooley: Tel: 01 2355317 Email:
Stephen Muldoon: Tel: 071 9176632 Email: