Benefits to being a Member of DFI

May 6 2021

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As a federation, we make Ireland fairer for people with disabilities. We want an Ireland where everyone is equally valued. We can do this by listening to the voice of the disability movement. We can strengthen the voice of people with disabilities. As a member organisation, there are unique benefits to being a member of DFI. Our work in DFI and the fight for equality takes many forms. See the Links below to find out more about the work that DFI on behalf of our members. 

Some of the Benefits of being a Member of DFI through our Advocacy & Policy team are highlighted below:

  • DFI Lobby government and statutory bodies with a collective voice on your behalf. 
  • DFI facilitate collaboration for you with other organizations, government, and statutory bodies.   
  • DFI consistently monitor and analyze the development and performance of national policy for you.    
  • DFI provide opportunities to represent DFI and have a seat at various national and local committees.  
  • DFI engage in meaningful research stimulated by issues your organization is tackling.