Congratulations to Waterford Centre for Independent Living on their accreditation of Improving Quality (IQ).

April 21 2021

Elena Guiney Administration - Personal Assist_Catherine Harrington


Elena Guiney-Administration and John McDonald Manager of Waterford Center for Independent Living John McDonald of Waterford Center for Independent Living shares his experience of Improving Quality.

“Gaining the IQ Standard accreditation at “Foundation” Level, provided assurance to our service-users, local communities, Funders and Regulators alike, of WCIL’s professionalism in providing quality self-directed services effectively and efficiently and of the commitment of our Board to pursue its mission -

“To empower and enable people with disabilities to achieve independent living, choice and control over their own lives and enable full participation as equal citizens in Waterford city, county and south Kilkenny areas”.

Additionally, the improvement actions we put in place while preparing for our IQ Assessment meant that when it came to completing the Charities Regulator’s Annual Compliance Form, we had everything up to date and at our fingertips, making demonstrating our compliance a straightforward and stress -free exercise”

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