AHEAD Ireland international conference taking place on 20 and 21 March 2024

March 7 2024

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DFI Member Organisation AHEAD Ireland will be hosting their annual international conference as a hybrid (in-person in Dublin and online) on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March 2024. The In-person conference will take place in the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin. 

The conference 'Panorama: Widening the Lens for Systemic Inclusion in Tertiary Education' will explore strategies and structures which sustainably embed universal design and disability-inclusive approaches in institutional policy and practice, embracing the ever-complex identities of all learners. The aim is to take a panoramic view of our institutional approaches to inclusion and create a space for reflection, networking and the broadening of our horizons. 

Conference Programme Highlights 

  • Keynote from Dr Sam Johnson of CAST on Challenges to Strategically Embedding a Universal Design Approach
  • Starting a National Conversation on Embedding Universal Design in Tertiary Education. Session in Partnership with the ALTITUDE Charter Collaborators (a coalition of Irish further and higher education institutions currently working together to embed UDL across colleges and universities from a policy to delivery level).
  • Exploring Generative AI Together: How can Artificial Intelligence Contribute to Student Support? Session in Partnership with N-Tutorr
  • Institutional Journeys to Embedding UD: Case Studies from Further and Higher Education
  • Beyond the Classroom: Social Engagement, Transition to Work and More. Case Studies from Further and Higher Education

Click here for more detailed programme information and for registration.