New Member Spotlight - See My Skills

April 10 2024

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We are delighted to welcome See My Skills as a new DFI Member. See My Skills was founded by William O'Brien and is based in Cork. See My Skills is a passionate and dynamic social enterprise on a mission to foster a more inclusive global workplace.  

DFI's Communications Manager Brenda Drumm met with Founder William O'Brien for a quick chat about the organisation. 

The Interview

Brenda: The name of your organization is really innovative – where did the inspiration come from?

William: The inspiration for our name, See My Skills, stemmed from a collaborative brainstorming session involving disability campaigners. At the core of our ethos is the belief that everyone possesses a unique skill set deserving of recognition. During the session, one of the campaigners expressed a desire for people and employers to perceive him beyond his disability and to recognize his skills. This sentiment resonated deeply with us and encapsulated our mission. Thus, See My Skills was born.

Brenda: Can you tell me about the work your organisation does, your projects and services? 

William: See My Skills is dedicated to fostering a more inclusive workplace. Our core belief is simple yet powerful: "Do the right thing."

We address the pressing issue of disproportionately high unemployment rates among people with disabilities. Our vision is to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive personally and professionally.

We partner with stakeholders across education, employment, and policy sectors to build a world where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has an equal chance to thrive professionally.

To achieve this goal, See My Skills has developed two specific programs:

  1. Accelerator Schools Programme: This off-campus development programme spans four days and is tailored for secondary school students with disabilities. It covers essential areas such as communication skills, goal setting, time management, mock interviews, CV writing, site visits to key employers, and barista training. Students also hear inspiring stories from individuals with disabilities who have successful careers.
  2. Empowered Programme: This programme aims to empower adults with disabilities to nurture ambition and achieve their true potential. It showcases unique abilities and helps individuals find meaningful employment opportunities. The Empowered Programme provides one-to-one support to adults. This support includes: CV and cover letter writing, interview preparation, job searching etc.

Brenda: What sort of feedback do you get from those who take part in your programmes?

William: Feedback from participants in our programmes has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants often express gratitude for the opportunity to develop essential skills, gain confidence, and connect with peers and mentors. Many share stories of personal growth, increased self-esteem, and successful transitions into meaningful employment. They appreciate the practical and tailored nature of our programmes, which equip them with tangible tools and resources to navigate the professional world effectively.  

Over the past few weeks alone, we have successfully placed an individual on a placement in a library, gaining the key skills needed to pursue a career in the area. We also supported an individual with their college application and were delighted to receive news that he has since been offered a place on the course.

Brenda: What’s the vision for See My Skills into the future?

William: The vision for See My Skills is to continue expanding our reach and impact, ultimately creating a world where individuals with disabilities are fully integrated into the workforce and society. We aim to strengthen existing programmes, develop new initiatives, and forge partnerships with organizations committed to diversity and inclusion. By advocating for policy changes and fostering a culture of acceptance and support, we envision a future where every person has the opportunity to thrive.

Brenda: Anything else you would like to share?

William: At See My Skills, we are driven by a passion for social justice and equality. We believe that diversity is not only a moral imperative but also a source of strength and innovation. We invite individuals, businesses, and policymakers to join us in our mission to create a more inclusive workplace where everyone's skills and talents are recognized and valued. Together, we can build a future where diversity is celebrated, barriers are removed, and opportunities are accessible to all.

Check out their organisation 

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If you would like to find out more about See My Skills you can check out their website here

DFI is delighted to have them on board and looks forward to working with William and his team. 


Image: Jamie Twomey, Lead Administrator; William O’Brien, Founder; and, Cathy Rice (Board Member).