Becoming a DFI Member Organisation

DFI Affiliate Organisation Strand

  • Disabled Persons’ Organisations


  • The organisation must be voluntary in terms of its governance and its sole or primary purpose must relate to the support and advancement of people with disabilities and or disabling conditions.
  • The organisation must be a registered charity.
  • The organisation must subscribe to the objects of DFI. (Clause 3 of the Memorandum of Association).
  • Note: An organisation that qualifies as a DFI Affiliate Organisation may seek to become a “Nominating Body” (Article 2(5) Articles of Association), whereby they can appoint two people to be Company Members of DFI.


To apply for Affiliate membership please complete our application form.

DFI Associate Organisation Strand

  • Organisations
  • Individuals


  • Any organisation or part, unit, branch or division of same, be it voluntary, community, for profit or state.
  • An individual person or family.






To apply for Associate membership please complete our application form here.


If you have any questions about membership or would like further information please contact