We want to hear your DART stories!

March 5 2018, 04:29pm

Padraic Moran

Do you use DART Services? Is Irish Rail’s "Improved Accessibility Pilot Programme" launched in January making travelling easier or more difficult for you?

DFI have teamed up with Central Remedial Clinic & Irish Wheelchair Association to gather information about your DART journeys. You can read about the background to our joint-campaign here.

Because of the spotlight we’ve put on Irish Rail’s "Improved Accessibility Pilot Programme" we now have the attention of both Irish Rail and the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross. The Pilot scheme runs for six months to the end of July and we are monitoring it with your help.

Have you been left without a ramp? Been stranded because of an out of order lift? Or has your trip gone off without a hitch? Please send details of your experiences to DARTreports@disableinequality.ie

We won't use your name without permission. We will pull together all of the stories we receive to get an overall picture. We will then report back to Minsiter Ross and Irish Rail.

For further info contact aoifedelaney@disability-federation.ie or lauraenglish@disability-federation.ie

Pictured here is access campaigner and paralympian Padraic Moran who commutes to work every day on the DART. 


To read about Irish Rail’s Step-by-Step guide to their "Improved Accessibility Pilot Programme" click here.