The talking is finally over. We analyse the Programme for Government.

June 19 2020, 11:58am

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What’s in this for the disability sector?


The Programme for Government contains progress on key areas and welcome commitments, such as:

  • A Joint Oireachtas Committee on implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UN CRDP.
  • Eliminating the practice of accommodating younger people with disabilities in nursing homes.
  • Additional PA and home support hours, respite care and therapy posts.
  • Ensuring all public transport is accessible.


This focus on disability is welcome. However, there is a lack of detail on financial commitments and targets. The ambitions of the Programme have to be matched by appropriate funding and targets. DFI were disappointed by the lack of reference to key areas including:

  • Commitment to resolve the growing deficits of over €40 million in disability services.
  • An Assistive Technology Passport.
  • A €20 increase in Disability Allowance.
  • A Transport Support Scheme.


People with disabilities, their families and the services that support them are at breaking point. We will continue to advocate for clear funding commitments and measures that will address this crisis. Find linked below a comparison between DFI and the Oireachtas Disability Group’s election asks, and the commitments contained in the Programme.

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