DFI’s policy priorities

We organise our policy and advocacy work to focus on key areas that directly impact on the lives of people with disabilities and their organisations. These are for example:

  • Health and Social Care
  • Income and Social Protection
  • Housing
  • Education and Employment
  • Transport
  • Local Government

Influencing the policy agenda

Policy decisions made at European, national and local government have a direct impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

There are a number of opportunities during the political cycle that we use to advocate for the rights for people with disabilities and the organisations that support them. These include:

  • Our ongoing work to influence the national budget process
  • Our campaigns for local, national and European elections
  • Our engagement with political parties
  • Our ongoing engagement across Joint Oireachtas Committees

We continue to monitor developments at an EU and international level.

We monitor the implementation of the UN CRPD in Ireland and the National Disability Inclusion Strategy. We look to see how these policy frameworks are reflected in the Programme for Government and across disability and mainstream programmes and strategies.

Across this work we want to encourage debate and inform policy developments that will improve the lived experience of people with disabilities in Ireland.

Working with Stakeholders

DFI welcomes the opportunity to work with other stakeholders that share a commitment to the full inclusion of people with disabilities in Irish society including:

  • The disability community
  • Other Community and Voluntary organisations
  • And the government and statutory agencies
  • Colleges and universities.