Ukraine Update and Letter to Taoiseach

March 4 2022


We have been active on this evolving crisis since the invasion of Ukraine started last week.


We have engaged with EDF and EASPD as the two European organisations that we are members of, in particular. We have been gathering a growing understanding of the situation and needs and listening directly to some of the disability organisations in Ukraine. This will continue.


We  have written to the Taoiseach and ministers for Justice, Children, Equality, Integration and Youth and Foreign Affairs and Minister for Disability. In these we have emphasised Ireland’s responsibilities under the UN CRPD and the Sustainable Development Goals where the specific barriers and challenges to provide assistance and refuge are more pronounced. You may see our letter to the Taoiseach here.


As in the COVID crisis, we are stating that we will co-operate fully in every way possible with the state and others to protect and support Ukrainian people with disabilities and their families that arrive in Ireland. We will also try to support the organisations in Ukraine in whatever way is possible.


We will be following up with our Member Organisations in relation to their concerns, updates or ideas around supporting Ukrainians who come to Ireland with disabilities from the perspective of their organisations' work.

John Dolan,

Chief Executive Officer

Disability Federation of Ireland

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