Creating Our Future - Community Activation Event

September 9 2021

Creating Our Future is a Government of Ireland campaign to stimulate a national conversation that generates ideas from the public to inform the direction of research in Ireland.



Anyone, anywhere can have an idea that inspires research. It could be based on an opportunity or challenge that someone has identified in their own life, for their community, for Ireland or for the world. Or it could be based on a topic that someone is curious or passionate about. The campaign wants to hear them all - whatever facet of life they relate to.

A panel of research experts will analyse all of the ideas received and shape them into a report along with commentary and recommendations. This report will be submitted to Government and will contribute to informing Ireland’s policy on research and innovation. The findings will inspire research in Ireland to create a better future and it will help ensure that the direction of research is informed by the needs of the people of Ireland.

From now until the end of November, the campaign will be reaching out to engage people, groups and communities in our events and activities.

Central to this is working with community and voluntary organisations across the country to activate and engage with their members and the wider public to capture their ideas.

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