Below are offical guidance and resourses that provide you the most up to date information on Covid-19. 

HSE Approved Guidance and Resources for Disability Services 

These guidance documents have been developed by the HSE in collaboration with service providers in the voluntary sector. They have been approved by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) subgroup for Vulnerable People.

We recommend that services access the National Public Health Guidance for COVID-19 on for the most up to date information on infection prevention and control.

List of Guidance Documents developed by HSE Disability Services

Guidance on the use of PPE in Disability Services

COVID-19 Guidance for Nurse-Led Residential Disability Services

COVID-19 Contingency Plan Home Support Services Disabilities

COVID-19 Guidance Community Residential Services for People with Disabilities (non-nurse led)

Guidance on Supporting a Distressed Person with Additional Needs

Managing Stress for Individuals with a Disability in a Pandemic

Guidance for Testing for COVID-19 in Disability Services

Guidance for Testing for COVID-19 in Disability Services (Graphics)

Guide for Community Residence

Guidance for Non-Residential Models of Care

Streamlined Passport for Hospital Admission (Yellow)

COVID-19 Guide for supporting Children (Powerpoint, 5.96 MB, 32 pages)

Also the most up to date Information on the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Cocooning video

We have added a video explaining cocooning which can be easily shared to our video resources.

Resources for people with dementia, their families and carers

Online resources for people dementia, their families and carers and a booklet of activities which can be carried out at home have also been added.

Irish sign language videos

Irish Sign Language videos are available online here . There are five videos, each covering a different section of the COVID-19 information booklet.

Health Protection Surveillance Centre Information 

Health Protection Surveillance Centre Information provides the following information;

  • Cases in Ireland

  • Advice for vulnerable groups

  • Advice and guidance for healthcare workers

  • Guidance for non-clinical settings

  • Advice for the general public

  • Posters

  • Video resources

Minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Infectious disease outbreaks like coronavirus (COVID-19), can be worrying. This can affect your mental health. But there are many things you can do to mind your mental health during times like this. Here is  information from the HSE on Minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

Wheelchair and Assistive Technology Users

If you push a manual wheelchair or use other types of assistive technology (AT), there are unique precautions you should take related to hand washing. COVID-19 can survive on the surfaces of your wheelchair or AT which you come in frequent contact with, such as the handrims. Any virus that might be on your hands is transferred to your handrims as you push your wheelchair. View the full AT precautions document by the WHO Gate Community.