Help with Widgets

This website uses draggable page elements (what we call widgets).

The requirements for using this functionality; You will need javascript enabled in your web browser, and be able to accept cookies.

Most mainstream web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome + others) usually install with these requirements already met.  There are many quick and helpful tutorials on enabling javascript and allowing/accepting cookies easily available through Google™, or similar search engines.

The Widgets

Homepage Layout

In no particular order the following widgets are currently installed on this website:

  • DFI News Headlines (not a true widget) - the single most important/high-profile story from the website at any given time. Link to full story.
  • Quick Find - a shortlist of some of the most common and popular locations on the website easily to hand.
  • National Disability News - a list of off-site news links collated from various providers.
  • Tag Cloud - an animated word-sphere depicting the most common words in page titles on this website. The words themselves are links to an in-site search, and are sized relative to each other to denote frequency.
  • Events Calendar - highlighted days are links to pages with relevant event information. The calendar can be cycled forwards or backwards.
  • Find DFI - a basic map representation of our location, with a link through to a fully interactive Google™ map.
  • More DFI News - links to the most recent news stories on the website.
  • DFI Members Login - username and password login panel to the document and resource download section of the website for use by DFI employees and associates.
  • Most Visited - the most popular page links on the website showing the number of total visits.

Dragging Widgets

All of the "true widgets" (not the DFI News Headlines widget) are draggable/movable.

Widget Handle

The title bar of each widget is the handle by which they are draggable. Position the mouse over the blue title bar (the pointer will change to a four-pointed crosshairs) and click and hold the left-mouse button (LMB) to grab the widget.

Widget Moving

Now that you have "grabbed" the widget, you are able to move it around the page. As the widget leaves its place-holder, you will notice a shaded and dashed area showing where it will be positioned if it is "dropped" at any given time. As the widget is moved over other suitable locations, the place-holder area will rearrange the other widgets on the page to show possible layouts.

To drop the widget to a new location simply release the mouse button.

Opening/Closing Widgets

All of the widgets that possess the small dark arrow in front of the title can be opened and closed. All widgets, by default, will start in the open position the first time you visit the website.

Widget in Open Position

To close a widget, move the mouse over the dark arrow (the pointer will change to a hand symbol to denote a page element that can be interacted with eg a button) and click the left-mouse button (LMB). The body of the widget will slide shut, leaving the title-bar/handle still visible. This can be dragged as normal in the closed position.

Widget in Closed Position

To reopen a widget simply reverse the process mentioned above by click the dark arrow again. This will cause the body of the widget to slide open. All other widgets on the page will reposition if necessary to accommodate the newly opened widget.

Remember and Reset

If you have your browser set to accept cookies, as mentioned previously, the position and open/closed status of the widgets will be "remembered" (stored in a cookie) so that any changes you have made will be reinstated the next time you visit the site.

Widget Reset Button

If at any time you wish to reset the page layout back to its default state (which will include having all widgets in their open position), you can click the "Reset Widgets" button shown above.

From time to time, new widgets may be added to this website, older ones updated or removed.

If you have any questions regarding the use of widgets on this website please contact us with any of the contact details listed here.

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