Accessibility Statement

We are committed to providing the very best of service in all areas, including having this web site as accessibility friendly as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any issues which restrict your access to the site.


Some of the controls on the site require Javascript to function. Although non-javascript options are also available (see below), the best experience of the site will be achieved with Javascript turned on. Most browsers have Javascript enabled by default, however if you need to enable Javascript on your browser follow the instructions below:

  • In Firefox, select Tools > Options > Content Button > Tick 'Enable JavaScript'
  • In Internet Explorer 8 Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Scroll to bottom and enable 'Active Scripting'

Alternative Style Sheets

The style sheet changer icons are powered by JavaScript, however you can also choose any of the alternative style sheets by selecting them from the browser controls

  • In both Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 this is done using View > Page Style > and selecting one of 'contrast', 'large', 'largecontrast'

Larger Text

Those who prefer to customise their text size may also adjust the text size using the browser controls.

  • In Firefox 3 this is View > Zoom > Zoom In or Alt V Z I or Ctrl +
  • In Internet Explorer 8 this is as above or also View > Text Size > and select the required size

To Zoom out again

  • In Firefox 3, select, View > Zoom > Reset or Alt V Z O or Ctrl -
  • In Internet Explorer 8 this is as above or also View > Text Size > and select the required size

To return to Normal Size

  • In Firefox, select, View > Zoom > Zoom Out or Alt V Z R or Ctrl 0
  • In Internet Explorer 8 this is as above or also View > Text Size > and select the required size

No Style Sheets

This site has been designed with style sheets and it has been optimised for colour blind and partially sighted individuals. However, if the design colours or layout present a problem, and the alternatve style sheets are not suitable, the style sheet can be turned off.

  • In Firefox this is done using View > Page Style > No Style options
  • In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility and select checkboxes to ignore colours, styles and sizes options

Google Map

The Google Map also uses Javascript to function correctly. We have provided a static map and provided directions in text format, as an alternative solution.

Google Search

The Google Search also uses Javascript, however we have provided an alternative search below which does not require Javascript. This search displays the search results in a Google page, rather than a DFI styled page.

Tag Cloud

The Tag cloud uses Javascript to display as intended. With Javascript turned off, the tags are simply displayed as a list of links, which trigger the same keyword search.

Moveable Widgets

The Moveable Widgets are also Javascript dependant. With Javascript disabled the widgets cannot be moved or closed, however, their contents will be usable and accessible.

Print Page

The Print Page function also uses JavaScript, however this can also be achived via the browser controls. Simply choose File > Print, or Alt F P.


The Bookmarking facility uses JavaScript, however with scripting disabled, a version is available which will allow users to bookmark pages regardless.

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