The One World Trust: A Database of Civil society Self-Regulatory Initiatives

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Civil society organisations are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate their accountability, legitimacy and effectiveness. In response, a growing number of these organisations are coming together at national, regional and international levels, to define common standards and promote good practice through codes of conduct, certification schemes, reporting frameworks, directories and awards. The ‘One World Trust: A database of civil society self-regulatory initiatives project’ provides the first comprehensive inventory of such initiatives worldwide.

The One World Trust website hosts a portal on civil society self-regulation which includes a database listing over 320 initiatives (codes of conduct, certification schemes, working groups, self-assessments and information services) across 80 countries. Each initiative has a unique page with summaries of its content; contact details; areas and types of activities the initiative addresses; a list of participant organisations; compliance, monitoring and sanctioning mechanisms; among others. The launch of this database provides the first ever detailed stock-taking of the content and mechanisms of civil society organisation self-regulation worldwide. In addition, the portal offers an interactive map of civil society organisation self-regulatory initiatives linking directly to the database, briefing papers, and the latest news on civil society organisations self-regulation. The portal will be an important tool for civil society organisations, donors, researchers and the general public interested in the self-regulation of the sector.

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